Athletic EyeBlack 
This section features the all black athletic eye black strips and grease that are the choice of thousands of professional football, baseball, and softball athletes. From its inception, EyeBlack’s primary goal has been to create the most effective glare reduction product on the market. After extensive testing with collegiate athletes and industry experts, EyeBlack developed a unique material that is specifically designed to reduce glare and withstand perspiration. Our eye black material is thin and breathable, allowing your skin to stay dry without the product sweating off. We also create custom eyeblack designs with this material. Customize here.
Our innovation and high standards also apply to our Eye Black Grease. Our eye black paint is engineered not to melt in your bag, stain your uniform, or run down your face. Also included in this section are professional softball player Sierra Romero's Signature Eye Black and professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil's LaxBlack. We have ten colors of grease available here.

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‌Cross Eye Black

‌Black Original EyeBlack

‌Black and Pink Stripe

‌Paul Rabil LAXBLACK

18-Pair Black Athletic Small EyeBlack

Athletic Combo pack - Grease Tube & 18 Pairs

Athletic Combo pack - Grease Tube & 18 Youth Sized Pairs

‌Team Starter Pack